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What Do Patients Think?...


Caroline was friendly and professional and explained my treatment in words I could understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking musculoskeletal treatment.

- Alexander Billington

The understanding and physical benefits I gained in one treatment has greatly relieved my symptoms.

- Caroline Owens 

Amazing! Caroline helped relieve my chronic lower back pain, I would really recommend her. She's fantastic!

- Victoria Rhodes

Recently I lost my voice and was making slow progress with voice therapy, so and I started having treatment with Caroline.

Amazingly after 3 sessions to my tight throat and neck muscles, my voice returned which I am so grateful to Caroline for carrying out the treatment as I had lost my voice for 4.5 months. 

I honestly cannot thank Caroline enough and am so happy to talk properly again!

- Dawn Archer

Fantastic! Would recommend Caroline to anyone. She is so professional and understanding. I have been seeing her for a couple of months now and I am so pleased that such progress has been made with my neck and lower back.

- Danielle Robinson 

The difference that Caroline has made to my quality of life is amazing, she has fixed all my tiny twinges and issues. In short she is amazing.

- William Bahra

Caroline is lovely and I felt great after my treatment.

- Sara Pugh

Cured all of my back pain with just a few clicks!

- Piers Pittom

For more reviews or to submit your own, head over to the google review page here or facebook page here.

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