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Back Pain

Back pain is a vast subject and is a symptom that osteopaths will see for the majority of their careers. Lower back pain can be the results of muscle strains, pelvic problems, sacro-illiac joint problems, hip/knee/feet problems, scoliosis, postural problems, facet joint strains, arthritis, or disc injuries (the list goes on...) Your osteopath will assess your whole spine, your pelvis and usually your hips. This will give an indication of whether your lower back pain has been caused by joints and muscles away from the site of pain or not. Sometimes disc injuries can cause pins and needles, weaknesses, sensation changes or complete numbness.


It is important to seek medical advice immediately if you experience; bilateral weakness/pins & needles, loss of bladder and bowel control (with numbness in this area).


Core stability has a big role to play in lower back problems. Your osteopath will advise you on different exercises and stability ideas for your core in order for your back pain to resolve and lessen the chances of reoccurance.

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