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Please call 0113 259 1373 and we will book you an appointment today or

First Consultation

(For new patients & return patients with new

symptoms or 1+ years since last assessment)

Including: assessment, diagnosis, treatment & advice

Up to 45 minutes


Follow-Up Consultation

(For return patients who have had treatment within a year for the same symptoms)

Including: re-assessment, treatment & advice 

Up to 30 minutes 


Phone Call

Unsure whether we can help? For a free chat on the phone please call reception and request a call back. There is no obligation to book.



Help a family member or friend along with their health journey by purchasing a voucher directly from Caroline. Please call reception and request a call back.

Please bring/wear clothing that you are comfortable wearing, such as a vest and shorts, so that the osteopath is able to assess the problem area.

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