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Is Osteopathy safe?


Yes! Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy that is suitable for people of all ages and levels of health and fitness.


How do you treat my injury?


An osteopath will use their hands to help diagnose the underlying causes of discomfort and to carry out treatment by using a variety of hands-on techniques, such as massage, articulation and manipulation.





How is Osteopathy different to other manual therapies?


Osteopathy has a holistic approach to healthcare, taking in to consideration the whole patient and how other areas of their body may be causing the current complaint. Therefore an osteopathic treatment plan will include, not only treatment in the clinic, but advice on lifestyle changes such as dietary and posture advice, exercises and stretching regimes.



Will I have to do anything at home?

Osteopaths believe that patients should be engaged with their treatment plan as much as possible, and so the patient will be kept up to date with their progression and any advice given. Working with a whole body approach will alleviate the current symptoms and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.



Can Osteopathy cure arthritis?

Degenerative problems such as arthritis cannot be cured by osteopathic treatment (or any manual therapy) but can still be treated and managed well. Gentle treatment is an effective way to encourage movement in the affected joint, increasing health to the surrounding muscles/tissues and easing pain allowing you to return to your usual activities.



I sit at a desk all day, I haven't had a specific injury, can osteopathy still help?

You may find yourself with a complaint that hasn’t been caused by an accident and you are unaware of what the cause could have been. This could include working at a computer for long periods of time, repetitive movements or sports that you have always taken part in. These symptoms usually have a structural component to them that osteopaths recognise, correct and give advice for. I can give advice for posture and how to correct certain postures by prescribing exercises that will also help.



What will happen in my first consultation?

Your first consultation will last for approximately 45 minutes. During this time I will take a full medical case history, examine the injured area by observing the joint movement at the site of pain and feeling the surrounding muscles. Sometimes I may need to assess other areas also. Once the assessment has been completed, I will give you a diagnosis of your problem and discuss treatment options with you. As long as there are no safety issues for immediate referral, with your consent I will then treat the problem areas with stretching, articulation and mobilisations. To finish the session I will give you advice to continue with at home and suggest the when the next treatment would be suitable.



Do I need to get undressed?

To be able to assess the muscles and joints, it is easier to do this with fewer layers. It would be advised to bring a vest top and shorts, which you can change in to. Loose and baggy clothing is always helpful!




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